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Titled Beachfront Property in Buruanga

You will reach the property within 40 minutes drive from Caticlan Airport. This 1,047 square meters titled property is located along the shoreline of Panilongan, Buruanga, Aklan Philippines and is lucky enough to have a nice sunset view during the afternoon. There is a 2 meter wide right of way connected to the main road with a distace of 40 meters starting from the property gate.The property has a marbled seawall to protect it from big waves and and has a 4.5 meters tall fence. A three (3) chamber septic tank was properly installed, a hand pump which provides water supply, and an electric water pump connection is already installed. Electricty is already available except for internet connection (you can use pocket wifi or internet data) and cable TV.

Currently, there is a temporary native house shelter, a detached toilet and bath and a storage room for the equipments such as gardening tools and among others.The owner will sell everyhing inside this property except for some personal belongings.

Approximate location of property 9D91WG