Company Profile

SPR Boracay Real Estate, Inc. is a duly organized real estate and property management company established in the Philippines in August 25, 2010. In August 6, 2013, SPR Boracay Real Estate has adopted the name SPR Boracay Travel and Tours as its trade name. In that same year, a sub-branch sales office was built in Palawan and it was named SPR Palawan.

SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. is engaged in property sales, brokerage, property management, construction, engineering and other real estate services primarily in Boracay Island, Philippines and now extending in Palawan. Its expertise has led to the creation of Boracay Villas, a collection of luxury beachfront and holiday houses, villas, apartments and properties both for short term and long-term rental.

The company have 1-licensed Appraiser with PRC License Nos.: 0001120 and 2-licensed brokers with PRC License Nos.: 0005422 and 0015533 namely: Mr. Tommy G. Sarceno and Ms. Connie P. Baguipo.

The SPR Boracay Real Estate Employees are guided by these following principles.


To be the best provider of quality service in terms of Real Estate and Property Management and rentals of beach houses and villas in Boracay for Islands and beaches in the Philippines.


We are committed to provide better service and more awareness on the type of products and services that we offer to our clients. To come up with a win-win situation between sellers and buyers and at the end of the deal which will give the company a stable good reputation. We aim to ensure customer satisfaction; promote the spirit of hospitality in which the country is very well known for, to provide the best type of accommodation to tourists and locals alike, and build a lasting & harmonious relationship with the homeowners, guests, clients and co-workers Thus, we cater the various needs of our clients and organize trainings and seminars for the growth of employees to improve the quality of service by giving them firsthand experience on how to handle and deal with guests' inquiries and complaints.