Alienable & Disposable Certification

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Land Basis for Alienable and Disposable Property:

As basis for Boracay Island investors for land without structures yet, it is imperative that the land is inside the Alienable and disposable zone, Otherwise, the investors cannot apply for building permit. SPR can facilitate to get an Alienable and Disposable certification ( A and D Cert. ) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Proclamation 1064 for Boracay Island delineates 628.96 hectares ( 60.94 % ) of the 1,032-hectare island as alienable and disposable land ( A and D) while, the other 403.04 hectares (39.06 % ) has been declared Timber land or Forest land. In which, would form part of the area reserved for forestland protection purposes.

SPR Boracay takes responsibility to list properties which can be transferred to any buyer and avoid listing land and improvement which are situated in the Forest area. We offer service for stakeholders to determine whether their land is inside the alienable and disposable areas or Forest land areas. We can get a Department of Environment and Natural Resources ( DENR ) Certification for your property.