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Ms. ELENA BRUGGER is hailed as one of the top 5 POWER WOMEN of BORACAY

By: Boracay Sun on June 6, 2014

Elena Brugger

A special feature on Boracay's esteemed matriarchs who are not only powerhouses at home but are dedicated mothers of nature, Boracay ambassadresses and influential guardians of our beloved island, in their own right. Boracay Sun recognizes not only their dedication and their candor (we marvel at how our writer managed to condense these interviews into one volume), but by the examples they set, and their spirited embodiment of what it means to be a ‘Boracaynon', quirks and all, and ever so gracefully.

Elena Brugger likes to say, "The island is small but the world is coming to you." Raised in Tangalan, Aklan, surrounded by rice fields, Elena grew up loving nature and dreamt of living on the beach. She came to Boracay often as a child, invited by her aunt every summer. It was in 1988 when she realized her dream to move to the island. "Boracay is a lifestyle, there really is a different energy here," she shares.

When she met her husband Peter Brugger, they talked about how they both noticed that a lot of foreigners would build their houses here, only to spend a few weeks in a year to fix it, and to leave the island without anyone to maintain their homes.

Thus, the real estate mogul was born. "SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. is a trusted company," Elena explains, "It was built with integrity. We help people fulfill their dreams and we employ only locals to work for the company."

For Elena, real estate is about helping others. She makes it a point that her services are personalized all the way to the maintenance. With this ethic, SPR has built 25 beautiful houses on the Island.

But real estate is not the only thing Elena is passionate about. This nature lover is a staunch environmentalist. She admonishes, "Boracay gave you so much, you need to give back and think of how to be a responsible business owner." As a humanitarian, environment advocate, and the Chairman of the Red Cross Youth, she reaches out to the youth to make them realize how to take care of their Island and to stand together for the good of their home. "We have reached the tipping point where beach erosion is concerned, " she says, and poses the question, "How are we going to adapt our lifestyle to protecting the Island? We can choose quality tourist over quantity of tourists. It cannot always be about money. I am happy the local government does their best, but everyone can also do a lot in their own little way. It starts in your own business, your own family and your own community." She concludes, "Many small acts amount to a lot. The most important thing is not to lose the Island's character."

"Boracay gave you so much, you need to give back and think of how to be a responsible business owner."

Source: http://boracaysun.com/power-women-of-boracay-part-1/

ROGUE MAGAZINE – The Boracay Establishment April 2008

Peter Brugger

Tropicana Ocean Villas and Apartments Bags Award in 2007 Boracay WOW Awards

SPR Real Estate Inc. bagged 2nd Place in the 2007 Boracay WOW Awards: Search for the Most Outstanding Business Establishment Waste Management System & Materials Recovery Facility, a project of the Boracay Chamber of Commerce Inc.

The Boracay WOW Awards is an annual recognition given to establishments on Boracay Island with an outstanding waste management system. This search aims to serve as an effective means in reducing the garbage generated in the island and to recognize business establishments implementing the law on solid waste management. PEARL 2, together with representatives from the DENR, DILG and the local government unit of Malay, served as one of the evaluators for the second of the three rounds of evaluation. Two days were allotted to visit and evaluate sixteen participating establishments this year.

Ms. Divine G. Orcajada, our Operation Supervisor, headed the team. The caretakers and maintenance department staff of the Tropicana Ocean Villas and Apartments also actively participated and cooperated in this endeavor, making it a success.