Environmental Awareness

We at SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. is not only giving quality service in terms of property sales and management but also, we have always adhered to pro-environment company policies and practices. We fulfill this commitment through the following policies:

  1. Conducting trainings for the employees’ awareness about the importance of eco responsibility.
  2. Supporting organizations that aims to promote environment-friendly business plans and developments.
  3. Helping the government to educate people about environmental awareness and comply with applicable environmental legislations.
  4. Providing Scholarship Programs with our belief that the youth of the future will be responsible citizens in caring for the environment.

The lead husband-and-wife team of Gen. Manager Peter Brugger and Sales Director / PRO Mrs. Elena Brugger has done passionate work as founding members of the Boracay Chamber of Commerce Inc., thus giving SPR Real Estate Inc. a proactive role in helping shape eco-friendly laws and regulations in the island and vigilantly watching the implementation of the Republic Act 9002 or Solid Waste Management Act.

Recognizing the multisectoral approach as an effective way of sending these eco-friendly messages across, we have also forged partnerships and joined projects with the local government, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Department of Tourism (DoT), the private sector, and even the academe through institutions such as the Marine Science Institute (MSI) of the University of the Philippines Diliman.

In aims of walking our talk, we make sure that our Boracay Villas reflect eco-friendly principles. We incorporate cogon and other sustainable native materials in every luxury home, also designing them in a way that embraces natural light and ventilation for less electricity use.

Activities Within Our Eco Responsibility

CAMPAIGN AGAINST BEACH EROSION in which the Boracay Chamber of Commerce, spearheading an information and mobilization movement on this important environmental concern BEACH CLEAN-UP every Sunday at four p.m., a sustainable practice we are hoping to inculcate to every local and tourist visitors alike BATANG DINIWID on local radio station plugs to call for people to manage their trash and to not pollute the Boracay beaches AND MORE INITIATIVES toward environmentally sustainable practices.

We, at SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. extends not only to the environment, but also to education of well-being of the sons and daughters of Boracay – its local children. We are glad to see selected Diniwid children accomplishing their university education in Kalibo, Aklan and in Iloilo, helping mold a good future for them.