Transfer of Ownership

Real Estate Services

SPR BORACAY REAL ESTATE INC., with it’s ample experience in dealing with transfer and conveyance of ownership is offering a more convenient and hassle free transfer procedure.

In terms of land ownership transfer, it has to be cleared that the size of the actual land coincides with its documentations and also the name of the TRANSFEROR be it as a Seller, Donor or Grantee should reflect as the owner in their respective Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or tax declaration.

The same principle applies in transferring ownership of improvements like Condominium, Apartments and residential dwellings. Expenses incurred are either shoulder by the Seller or Buyer or shared between the 2 parties except VAT ( if any) which is automatically on the account of the Seller, But in most places in the Philippines the expenses is on the account of the Buyer. Incidental and miscellaneous expenses incurred during the transfer process. However, can be negotiated in between buyers and sellers which they can mutually agree upon. All these terms and conditions should be reflected on the Contract to Sell between the parties involved in the negotiation.

After the transfer procedure has been fully done. Our Office will hand over to you all the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) already in the name of the TRANSFEREE ( Buyer, Donee or Grantee, etc.) together with all the necessary documents and government receipts obtained from the transaction such as Transfer Tax receipt, Capital Gains Tax and documentary stamp tax receipt, ROD Registration receipts.