Optional Appraisal Service

Real Estate Services

Real estate Appraisal Service is the evaluation of property including the land, the dwellings and all the features on it. Although everyone knows it is necessary to appraise real estate to sell it, Aside from this, There are other reasons why we have to hire a licensed real estate appraiser. These are:

To be informed as a buyer that the property that you are buying is within the range of the prevailing market value. To determine the value of the Real Estate Asset of a company. The Appraisal Report is one of the requirement of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the transfer of Shares of a certain company. For Sellers, It would be good to show an appraisal report to their potential buyers. This will somehow justify that their asking price has a professional basis and didn’t not just came out from nowhere. SPR has a duly licensed Real Estate Appraiser who could facilitate this Appraisal task for you.